Top 49: Shortest Serious Matters

It is time to make pause. Stop what you are doing and read this top with attention. Serious matters will be discussed below. We ask for your fully attention! No laughing will be allowed so please restrain from showing any sign of happiness while reading this. I hope you get the seriousness of the matter […]

Top 15: Of the Funniest Commercials

1. Yellow Pages – Bad Haircut 2. Heineken – Men With Talent 3. Mercedes Benz – Beauty is Nothing Without Brains 4. State of Colorado – Marijuana Impaired Driving 5. Doritos Commercial – Boys Night 6. Postbank – Unexpected Financial Problems 7. Trojan Condoms – Last Day Before the Wedding? 8. Toyota RAV4 – A […]

Top 25: Funny Sayings

If you have to say something, say something meaningful. If to that you can add something funny, you will definitely have a winner. I don’t know if you agree with me, but I prefer people that can touch me somehow with their words; even so if they are witty. I am sucker for people that […]

Top 20: Funniest Puns

I am the kind of person that really loves to laugh and I strongly believe that in order to go through life the best way possible you do need a good laugh, once in a while. Everything seems much easier after a good laugh. Thus, I am always seeking for material that will provide me […]

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