19 Facts about Donald Duck

1. Donald’s full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. 2. The origins of Donald Duck’s name was said to have been inspired by Australian cricket legend Donald Bradman. In 1932 Bradman and the Australian team were touring North America and he made the news after being dismissed for a duck against New York West Indians. Walt […]

Top 10: World’s Most Expensive Paintings

It’s ironic that one of the world’s most expensive privately owned paintings is, in most cases, worth more than its owner’s mansion. Now, that’s something to think about. This is the collection of the highest known prices ever paid for paintings sold through auctions and private sales. Obviously these prices don’t compare with the world’s […]

29 Dance Styles from Different Cultures

Dance is a synchronization between mind, body and music! The body moves in rhythm to the music. Dancing is fun! It can be used as an expression, social interaction, exercise and also used to express ideas or tell a story. Today is the International Dance Day, introduced in 1982 and is celebrated on April 29 […]

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