Meteor Impact On Earth

10 Know Near Earth Objects (NEO) that are potentially hazardous (PHO)

Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are comets and asteroids that have orbits that bring them close to the Earth’s orbit. This includes both asteroids and comets that have orbits that cross the Earth’s orbit, as well as those that come close to the Earth but do not cross it. NEOs come in a wide range of sizes, from small pebbles to large bodies several kilometers across. The vast majority of NEOs are not a threat to …

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Top 10: Deadliest Tsunamis in History

The concern for the human race increases day by day as man and nature conflicts. We develop all sorts of medicines and protections so that we could have a longer and prosperous life. We think we have got everything under control but when nature decides to strike, we are just as helpless as any other creature. Natural disasters and hazards are things we all are familiar with, be it earthquakes, landslides, blizzards or cyclones. But …

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Top 21: Natural Disasters Recorded for Humanity

It is believed that the Universe was created from a cataclysmic explosion, our solar system was itself created in the chaos of clouds of gas and residues from explosions of distant and ancient stars. Our home planet was itself the result of a series of cataclysms at tremendous scale, and it is thanks to such cataclysms that emerged water, atmosphere and a moon, and consequently the ideal conditions for the development of life and its …

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