Top 22: Highest Paid Jobs of the Future

It is unthinkable to consider that today’s highest paid jobs, such as: banking, law or stockbroking will remain the best paid jobs of the future. If there is any truth to what leading futurologists tell us, there will be a whole range of new professions in 10 to 20 years’ time.

If in one hand, job titles that do not exist now, such as a “vertical farmer” or a “body part maker”, could be mainstream professions, in much the same way that social media consultants have emerged in the past five years; on the other hand there are current professions which will have a higher importance in the future.

This post want to help those youngest and give them a range of different options that are set to become the highest paid jobs in the future. Start researching how you can achieve this job positions and get ready to become a rich person in a nearby future.

I have to tell you guys, that for me – which I am no longer a spring chicken – some of these job options do make me wonder, how the hell we got to this point so quickly.

Please notice that despite of numbering the options there is no specific order to them.

Enough talk; let’s get cracking with the top:

1. Logistician

For instance, whenever we go to the supermarket we can find everything in its place, where it should be, right? But do we know it all got there? That would through the work of logistician. They use complex computer software to make the process more efficient and to enable everything to run smoothly. In the future, and mainly due to current global economic situation, companies want to streamline products and cut costs and will hire logisticians to do that.

2. Ethical Hacker

This really sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t? But what happens is that companies are hiring hacker to hack into their systems and thus correct any security breaches that are committed. Now it is possible to become a certified ethical hacker.

3. Actuary

An actuary can predict risk down to the last number through math and statistics to analyze financial consequences of risk, for mainly, banks, insurance companies, consulting firms and the government. It is predicted a huge shift in this profession, in direction to different industry, such as the medical industry.

4. Epidemiologist

These are disease wizards which work consists in discovering the cause of diseases and ailments, among other tasks, for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research labs. There will be a growth in the demand for this profession as more and more the government is hiring them to come up with the best preventive health-care measures.

5. Front-end Engineer

Also called front end web developers are the ones responsible for what you see online today. In addition, to writing the code that is necessary they also have to come up with ideas to make things as user-friendly as possible. The way that companies will interact with their online customers can determine future success. So who do you think that they will call to make websites more efficient and intuitive? That is why it is foreseen a considerable increase in the demand for this profession.

6. Food Chemist

Their main task is to develop and improve the taste and texture of food. This profession will in high demand in the future how it is predicted that will be 3D printers that will cook our food in the future, we only have to insert the ingredient “cartridges” and diner will be served. It sounds yummy doesn’t?

7. Digital Architects

They design a selection of virtual buildings for retailers and advertisers to market their products.

8. Home Carer

It helps to care for elderly people in their own homes.

9. Elderly well-being consultant

It specializes in holistic and specialized care for the elderly.

10. Body part maker

It creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers.

11. Nano-medic

It creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication.

12. Vertical Farmer

Farms crops will be upwards rather than across flat fields, in order to save space.

13. Waste data handler

It will dispose of your waste date in a responsible manner.

14. Climate controller

It manages and modifies weather patterns.

15. Avatar manager

Designs and manages holograms of virtual people

16. Memory augmentation surgeon

It helps preserving and improving memory in an ageing population.

17. Time broker

It handles time banked by customers instead of money for goods or services.

18. Personal branding manager

It develops and manages your personal brand.

19. Child designer

It designs offspring’s accordingly to parental requirements.

20. Omnipotence delimiter

It reins in our belief that everything is possible and we are all-powerful.

21. Personal medical apothecary

It provides a bespoke range of alternative therapies.

22. Haptic programmer

It develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hands feel warm or wrapped in velvet.

Despite how scary some of the professions might be, I have to admit that the future looks promising.

My favorite one is the child designer. Who knows that if in the future, Hitler’s vision might become a reality and one will be able to create the perfect race, or not!