Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Portugal

Portugal is best known for its sunshine, long beaches, culture, history, monuments, cuisine, fine wines, world-class golf courses and, of course, for its gracious and friendly people. That’s what most people know. Let’s look at what you probably don’t know… or even imagined. June 10 is Portugal’s National Day, commemorating the death, in 1580, of […]

Top 10: Largest Countries by Area in the World

10. Algeria 2,381,741 km2 (919,595 mi2) – Largest country in Africa. 9. Kazakhstan 2,724,900 km2 (1,052,100 mi2) – Largest landlocked country. 8. Argentina 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 mi2) 7. India 3,287,590 km2 (1,269,350 mi2) – The area given is from Encyclopædia Britannica and excludes disputed territories not under Indian control. The total area claimed by India, […]

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