Top 49: Shortest Serious Matters

It is time to make pause. Stop what you are doing and read this top with attention. Serious matters will be discussed below. We ask for your fully attention! No laughing will be allowed so please restrain from showing any sign of happiness while reading this. I hope you get the seriousness of the matter […]

Top 15: Of the Funniest Short Jokes

Laugh your heart out and forget that sometimes life is not that simple. Take a few minutes of you busy life (I am sure that is really busy) and sit in a comfortable spot and prepare yourself to let you hair down, even if it is just for a few moments. Allow yourself some stress […]

Top 50: Funny Short Jokes

Humor is really a good medium to remove boredom and to start a good conversation. Indeed, I can safely argue that humor is the quickest way to break the ice – all of us have come across situations where silence is so uncomfortable that we wish to have something funny to say to be able […]