Chronic Anxiety: 20 Symptoms; 6 Health Consequences; 10 Treatments

Chronic anxiety can make you miserable and unhealthy. Surprisingly, many people don’t even realize they suffer from chronic anxiety simply because they’ve become habituated to their condition. Could this be you? Anxiety is not fear of a real threat – such as a large barking dog running toward you – but rather an expectation of […]

20 Facts about the Oceans

In this article we are going to focus on some interesting, previously unknown facts about the oceans and marine life. Oceans are the driving motor behind life on Earth and mankind. They hold around 97% of the water on our planet and they are very important for our daily lives, since they produce most of […]

25 Facts about Cats

Are you a cat lover? Then, it would help if you know more about your kitty. Cats are adorable, lovable and cute pets to keep. Simply put the litter box outside and they know where to poop. They don’t need too much attention because cats have their own little world. Not only that, kitty knows […]

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