Top 10: Interesting Facts about UFOs

Who hasn’t looked up into the sky and wondered what was out there amongst the stars?

In the same breath many ask the question; has anything from beyond our known intelligence ever been here? After all when Cortez first landed, what did the Aztec Indians think of them showing up in large ships that carried foreign animals and wearing metal skins?

One thing remains true however, just about every culture, ancient or not, has their stories about aliens and UFO’s.

Modern day hotspots are across the globe from the Ukraine and Russia to Chile and other parts of the America’s. How is it that these beings can travel this far or that fast to reach us. After all, even if we could travel at the speed of light it would take over 4 years to reach Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star to our solar system.

If you have ever had these questions about the how’s and why’s of UFO’s machinations consider these facts about UFOs:

1. Speed of light travel

Assuming that nothing in the Universe can travel faster than the speed of light we can draw some great conclusions from this when directing this at interstellar travel. The UFO must have a truly awesome power-plant to push matter at the speed of light. This is well beyond our limited understanding here on Earth. Given that, the craft has the energy available the beings on board would not age as we do. As a being approaches the speed of light, time slows down. At the speed of light time stops meaning that the being on board does not age.

2. Warp Travel

Another theoretical physics approach to travel across large distances is that of warp travel. The purpose of the word warp is very important; the idea is to create a large enough gravity field to bend (warp), space time so that the two points are then made close to one another. Make two marks at opposite ends of a sheet of paper. Then fold the paper so the two points nearly meet each other. This is the idea, if the sheet is space time then the fold would be the placement of the gravity field bringing the two points together making the trip very short. Again, the UFO’s power source will have to be immense.

3. Life at the Interstellar Speed Limit

Traveling in the UFO at speeds we humans can only imagine the question of reference frames come to us now. If time stands still for those on board what is it like? It would be quite normal to the beings on board. They are traveling in a different reference frame from any outside observer. They would move and interact with others and their vessel as always. The time dilation would mean that the elapsed time between beings on their planet to the time they get back would be largely different. If we where to undergo that journey it could mean the difference of hundreds or thousands of years.

4. Inertia Dampeners

One of the most common mentions of movement when it comes to these flying objects is how it can change directions instantly at high velocities. These movements would turn any life we know of into mush. However, if the ship was to be fitted with a type of artificial gravity field inside the ship, it would absorb a great deal of the kinetic force generated by these sudden shifts in movement. It would be like going on a roller coaster but never having to feel the butterflies in your stomach or the feeling of the added G forces as you accelerate through a corner.

5. Craft Shapes

The most common recollections of the ships describe a disk shaped craft with a hemisphere in the center. Underneath is a convex shape that one could guess is about deflecting heat upon entering a planets atmosphere. Another common depicted craft is a spherical shape. These are normally the ships that are zipping balls of light across the sky. More rare sightings has been that of a cigar shape or a “V” shape that many assume to be a “mother ship” that the others come from.

6. Craft Sizes

There are many eye witness accounts that say that these crafts range in size greatly. There has been descriptions of spherical crafts that are a glowing ball of light at about 0.3 meters. The Disc shapes seem to have radii from 3-30 m. The “V” shaped and cigar shaped are described as much larger Mother ships ranging from 200 m to 800 m long.

7. Atmospheric Maneuverability

The crafts move with whimsical ease in our atmosphere without leaving any vapor trails or any sign of chemical combustion like our primitive rocket technology. In order for these amazing mechanical feats to be achieved, there must be a type of anti-gravity field that can cause the ship to climb at an astronomical speed and can direct the ship in any direction at any instant.

8. UFO Landings

Sights estimated as landing spots for the UFO’s have been spotted everywhere from crops with geometrical circular formations, where the crops where not harmed but bent over without breaking stalks to the scorched rings estimated, where a spherical craft launched from. Many of these sights boast having landing gear that leave depressions in the ground. These landing pads are assumed to be from larger heavier disks.

9. Cloaking/Invisibility

It has been a more highly debated subject but in to many cases UFO’s have been reported as vanishing or blinking out. One of the benefits to having such a strong gravity field inducer is that of bending light. If the craft can fold space than why could it not bend light around the ship giving a view of behind the ship like it is not even there.

10. Reasons for Visits

We would all like to assume that visits from beings from another planet would be benign or just scientific curiosity, but other theories have come to the forefront. With reports of abductions and their victims relaying experiences of scientific experimentation on them while in ship, ex-military personnel find this compelling. Exploring the surface of the planet and studying the controlling species speaks to a “measuring up” of the capabilities of the human race. Many of these military minds think these sightings are nothing more than information gathering for a higher purpose like an invasion force at a later time. One of the main reasons for exploration is a drive for resources and better environments to inhabit.

Throughout time there has been sightings of things unexplained in the sky. Today is no exception with UFO hotspots around the globe and sightings as common today as a thousand years ago. With each sighting and each scrutinized picture frauds are exposed, but with each truly depiction of these alien crafts we learn a bit more about the technology and the motivations for the visits to our lovely planet. We can hope that they are just here sightseeing, viewing our lovely planet for all its splendor, but we will be watching.