Digital Art

A Timeline of Art Movements and Styles from the Renaissance to Contemporary Art

Art movements and styles have undergone significant changes over the centuries, reflecting the cultural, social, and political developments of each era. Here is a brief overview of some of the most important art movements from the Renaissance to contemporary art: Renaissance (1400s-1600s) – The Renaissance marked a major turning point in the history of art, as artists started to experiment with new styles, techniques, and subject matters. During this period, artists such as Leonardo da …

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15 Inspiring Digital Artworks by Roko

Roko is a student from Croatia, who sometimes has these crazy ideas in his head and found a way to let them out through Photoshop. He decided to share these ideas online in hopes that they would inspire at least one person to create. 1. Dream of Freedom 2. It’s hard to enjoy the sunset 3. Echoes of the Depths 4. See The New World Rising 5. Sign of the cross 6. Where Kings Meet …

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