Top 10: Greatest Blues Guitarists

From the cotton crops in Mississippi to the most sophisticated stages, from work songs to celebration of broken hearts, many and magical blues guitarists have been fascinating the public with the most melancholic of musical styles: the Blues.

Among this wide range of brilliant musicians, there are 10 guitar players who stand out not only by the brilliance of its execution, but also for the genius of its composition.

The order is not consensual, and the criterion varies between professional critics and fans, but the top rated ten according to studies are as follows:

10. Gary Moore

The North Irish guitarist was eight years old when started to play guitar. Admittedly influenced by Albert King, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and later Jimi Hendrix, which led to his preference for the blues-rock genre, Moore began playing during his teens with big names Phil Lynott and Brian Downey.

All his musical composition and performance were also an expression of religious conflict, probably experienced during the Irish postwar.

Moore began to gain visibility when he joined the band Skid Row, from where he moved to Thin Lizzy in a short time.

Worked with Mr. Phil Lynott, Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourne Albert King, Albert Collins and George Harrison.

Throughout his career, ranged from blues, rock and jazz, and returned in the last phase of his life
to the blues. His latest album, created in 2008, was ” Bad for You Baby”.

He died in 2011 whilst on holidays in Spain.

Electrifying player, Gary Moore will be remembered as one of the greatest guitarists ever.

9. Muddy Waters

George Guy, was born on July 30, 1936 in Lettsworth, Louisiana.

Considered as an important exponent of Chicago blues, Guy was an inspiration to Jimi Hendrix and other 60s legends.

Guy began his artistic career playing in bars in Chicago, and his style was very well accepted. He liked to play like BB King on stage and act like Magic Slim.

Decided then to send a tape to the label Chess Records, traditional blues label that featured such artists as Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howlin ‘Wolf, Little Walter and Koko Taylor. In 1960 began making guitars recordings of these great masters of Chess. It was the first guitarist ever to be named by the label.

7. Eric Clapton