Top 10: Dogs for kids

When choosing a family dog is important to think about age, size, temperament and energy level. All of which should suit your family’s lifestyle.

Next, the top 10 dogs that are specially suitable for kids.

Please notice, that despite numbered there is no particular order to the list provided.

1. Newfoundland

Newfoundland_Photo AutorAlicja

Nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter,” the Newfoundland dog loves children and is very protective of them. Gentle, kind, and patient, this breed is almost like the Mother Teresa of dogs. The Newfoundland best suits a family with large open spaces. And although it is known to drool and shed a lot, it is not considered a proper dog for the yard. This breed wants to be inside with its family. The Newfoundland is also a great swimmer and has been known to save lives in emergency situations.

2. Golden Retriever

Golden_Retriever_Photo AutorDirk Vorderstraße

Golden Retriever is a kind, smart, confident, and loyal dog. Neither aggressive nor timid, the Golden Retriever is extremely patient, which is perfect for kids. While it does need a lot of exercise, its love of play makes this an easy thing to achieve.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador_RetrieverPhoto AutorBen Swihart

This is one of the most popular dog breeds, and for good reason– it is protective, playful, loving, patient, and reliable. The Lab’s beauty is only matched by its sweet personality and intelligence. What does this mean for you? It’s your perfect family pet.

4. Collie

Collie_Photo AutorWisewynD

This is the dog Lassie made famous. Collies are a very gentle and predictable breed, rarely biting its human family and easily trainable, perfect for families that are unfamiliar with dogs. Collie was originally bred as a herding dog, so it may try and herd your children. This might be amusing at first, but it’s probably best to discourage the child-herding (no matter how handy you may think it could be). The Collie’s long hair means it requires regular grooming to keep its coat in tip-top shape. Collies get along great with children and love to please their owners and protect their family.

5. Bulldog

English_BulldogPhoto AutorAobranc

The great advantage of bulldogs? They’re sturdy, so they can take anything that rambunctious kids throw at them. And they won’t win any awards for “most energetic dog”. The Bull Dog is comfortable living in large houses, as well as apartments. A docile, friendly, and loyal dog, it gets along well with other pets and dogs, too.

6. Beagle

Beagle_FaraonPhoto AutorTaz80 / SEDIRI Eddy

Originally kept as hunting dogs, Beagles fit well in homes with active kids, as they are sturdily built and never too tired to play a game. Energetic and friendly, beagles are also sturdy and mostly child-proof, and your kids will wear out before they do. They also make good nannies that can help you herd the young ones at bed time, and have endearingly humorous habits, like howling, which can be very amusing in small doses. They do shed, and require frequent brushing and bathing, however.

7. Bull Terrier

Bull_TerrierPhoto AutorLilly M

Bull terriers are intelligent, energetic and friendly dogs that can take a lot of roughhousing while remaining calm. Particularly suited to large families, they don’t complain too much when manhandled by children, and can actually help teach kids how to properly relate to dogs. Plus they’re just very cute and adorable. While they are energetic and require lots of play time, they will also help wear your kids out — the more the merrier — and will return the favor by being very protective of them. Often mistaken for the larger Pitt Bull, the Bull Terrier was bred to be a companion dog-friendly and loving towards grown-ups and kids alike.

8. Vizsla

Vizslas_Photo AutorLindsay Casablanca

This may be a breed you haven’t heard of before, but it’s actually one of the best dog breeds for kids. The Vizsla has a gentle disposition and manner, and is loyal, affectionate, and quiet, perfect for your little ones to play with. Additionally, it is obedient, confident and smart, forming close bonds with its family and able to learn new tricks quickly. Best of all, the Vizsla has very little “doggy” smell about it.

9. Irish Setter

SetterPhoto AutorLuis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez

The Irish Setter is playful, energetic, loves being around people, and plays well with children. This doggy needs lots of exercise, and is a good match for energetic kids. A smart and trainable companion, the Irish setter is perfect for people with lots of space. One word of warning, though — their life spans are among the shorter ones for larger breeds, so you should only choose an Irish Setter if you want to teach those inevitable life lessons while your children are in middle school.

10. Poodle


The poodle is a very smart and gentle dog. It’s also great for kids with allergies, as it sheds very little; it does, however, require scheduled grooming. This is a proud and elegant dog that is both caring and loyal. Otherwise, they are good-natured, and make excellent playmates for children.

11. Extra: Mutts (Mixed-Breed)

Mixed_BreedPhoto AutorAndré Karwath aka Aka

Go to your local shelter, and consider rescuing a mixed breed dog. Look for a dog that matches the energy level of your family, keeping one thing in mind — mid size and larger dogs are great for families, while small breeds are not. If you have children, avoid Chihuahuas or Yorkies or anything you could pick up with one hand; look at terriers, retrievers, or other bigger dogs.

Good luck finding the best dog for your family!