Top 10: Guard Dog Breeds

We think of dogs as our best friends, but many times they are more than that. For those of us who need additional protection, our furry friends can offer security and safety. But, how do you choose the best guard dog for you? There are many breeds and styles of dogs and personalities vary greatly […]

Top 20: Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are extremely popular for several reasons. They are ‚Äúportable”, so they can fit in little carriers and go with you many places. In general, they require little space and many do well in cramped homes and apartments. Most of all, these little ones are absolutely adorable! What other reason do you need? […]

Top 10: Dogs for kids

When choosing a family dog is important to think about age, size, temperament and energy level. All of which should suit your family’s lifestyle. Next, the top 10 dogs that are specially suitable for kids. Please notice, that despite numbered there is no particular order to the list provided. 1. Newfoundland Photo Autor – Alicja […]