Top 11: Biggest Environmental Disasters in History

Here, we will particularly look into the harmful effects that industrialization caused on ecosystems and man, on a global scale. We currently live in a society that, though indeed awakened to environmental issues, arguably based on industry its economic growth and development of quality of life of the populations. Meet the eleven worst environmental disasters that had greatest impact on the world that surrounds us. 11. Three Mile Island

Top 21: Natural Disasters Recorded for Humanity

It is believed that the Universe was created from a cataclysmic explosion, our solar system was itself created in the chaos of clouds of gas and residues from explosions of distant and ancient stars. Our home planet was itself the result of a series of cataclysms at tremendous scale, and it is thanks to such cataclysms that emerged water, atmosphere and a moon, and consequently the ideal conditions for the development of life and its …

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