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Fact or Fiction? 13 Celebrities Rumored to Be Associated with the Illuminati

What’s the truth behind the rumors of these high-profile celebrities’ connections to the Illuminati? Find out in this list of 13 famous people allegedly linked to the mysterious and controversial secret society. 1. Beyonce Over the years, Beyonce Knowles-Carter has been the subject of many rumors suggesting she is involved with the so-called ‘Illuminati’, an alleged secret organization that seeks to control global affairs. Although there is no concrete evidence of her connection to the …

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Top 15: Facts About the Illuminati Conspiracy

You’ve heard of the Illuminati, but do you know who they are or what they do? Here are 15 facts about the Illuminati conspiracy to show you that this conspiracy theory is more fact than fiction. 1. Illuminati is a Latin word meaning “enlightened ones.” The Illuminati is a group of individuals who believe that they are more enlightened than everybody else. When Adam Weishaupt organized the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776, he intended …

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