Top 15: Facts About the Illuminati Conspiracy

You’ve heard of the Illuminati, but do you know who they are or what they do? Here are 15 facts about the Illuminati conspiracy to show you that this conspiracy theory is more fact than fiction.

1. Illuminati is a Latin word meaning “enlightened ones.”

The Illuminati is a group of individuals who believe that they are more enlightened than everybody else. When Adam Weishaupt organized the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776, he intended that members of his group would help him fight the supposed false teachings and religious ideas of the day. He opposed religion and instead favored scientific pursuits. The Illuminati of today likewise oppose mainstream organized religion and prefer their own sense of enlightenment.

2. The Illuminati is a secret society.

Duke Karl Theodor banned secret societies in the year 1785. In effect, the Illuminati had to become an even more secret organization that it already had been. Although many people have heard of the Illuminati, very few people understand what this society does. Members of the Illuminati are generally not publicly associated with the group, so this adds to the secretive nature of the Illuminati.

3. The Order of Illuminati sponsors the New World Order.

As a whole, the Illuminati is a major supporter of the New World Order, a platform advocating global government. Such a global government is planned to be far-reaching and dictatorial in nature, putting power over politics, religion, and economics in the hands of a select few.

4. Members of the Illuminati have already infiltrated every facet of society.

The Illuminati conspirators hold positions of prominence in both major political parties in the United States as well as foreign political parties. They lead religious groups and have corrupted the highest levels of Freemasonry. The Illuminati controls many aspects of popular entertainment, the news media, and the education system.

5. Knowledge of the conspiracy is rationed in order to keep the plan a secret.

Many critics of the Illuminati conspiracy theory say that there is no way that so many people could keep such a huge secret. Even if one person blew the whistle, the entire conspiracy would collapse. However, the leaders of the Illuminati are the only ones who know the full details of their plan. All the way down the hierarchy, individuals in the Illuminati are kept in the dark about the main concepts and are simply told enough information to complete their assignments.

6. The Illuminati conspiracy is financed through a banking conspiracy, which is only part of the greater plan.

Some of the most powerful people in the Illuminati belong to a select few dynasties. The Rothschilds have played a pivotal role in the banking conspiracy for hundreds of years. They financed the French Revolution as well as both sides of the American Civil War. The Chase, Morgan, Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller families are some of the other powerful families in charge of the financial aspects of the conspiracy. It is no coincidence that these families also operate huge “philanthropic” organizations that govern the lives of individuals under the guise of charity.

7. Regional governments come before global government.

The Illuminati’s top leaders are smart enough to realize that most people oppose global government. People like living in smaller countries that reflect the culture and values that they do. This is why regional governments are the norm today. It is easier to identify at a regional level because the countries within a specific region have a lot in common. Examples of regional governments are: the European Union, the African Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the Union of South American Nations. Although some of these organizations never make the news, they hold considerable power in affecting national policies.

8. The conspirators manage the global economy through central banks.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Most Americans believe that the Federal Reserve Bank is a government-operated bank that meets the financial needs of the country, but this is one of the Illuminati’s greatest deceptions. Almost every country in the world has a national bank today. A country’s central bank has the power to print money and then loan it out to banks. The central bank can simply invent new money and then sell it to banks, who then sell the money to the public in the form of loans. Such money is made out of thin air and is not backed by a precious metal. Worst of all, these banks coordinate their activities through organizations such as the International Monetary Fund.

9. The Illuminati was responsible for 9/11.

As soon as the attacks were perpetrated on 9/11, people began to say that the facts didn’t add up and that the official story was untrue. While many people began arguing that President Bush had orchestrated the attacks, Bush was actually just a puppet in a greater conspiracy. Governments often attack their own people in order to serve the Illuminati. Conspiracy theorists refer to such occurrences as “false flag” events. The official stories are always false, and these events are planned for the purpose of initiating new laws that restrict the liberty of the citizenry. Mass shootings, “terrorist” attacks, and similar atrocities are often planned by the Illuminati. This is not to say that real terrorists or murderers do not participate, but such individuals are generally guided by the FBI, the CIA, or a foreign equivalent. Some people are simply used as scapegoats.

10. The Illuminati conspiracy is concealed using the concept of historical accidentalism.

This school of thought basically suggests that tragic events and poor governance are mere accidents. This is the prevailing philosophy in mainstream history. This is why most people are inclined to think that their government means well, even when corruption is exposed. Even though there is ample evidence that Pearl Harbor had been foreseen, most people are unwilling to abandon their accidentalist views. The same is true in the case of 9/11, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombings. President Roosevelt, who led America at the time of Pearl Harbor, said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If something happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

11. The Illuminati bred many of the world’s most evil people.

Karl Marx, the founder of communism as we know it, was a student of the Illuminati. Albert Pike, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, was also a member of the secret society. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, and other dictators had connections to the Illuminati.

12. The all-seeing eye has been made a symbol of the Illuminati.

While the all-seeing eye is traditionally viewed as a symbol of God, it is used by the Illuminati to mark their presence. This is why it is found on American money, more correctly known as Federal Reserve notes. The all-seeing eye is also found in the media. The logos of CBS, AOL, Time Warner Cable, and several other large corporations indicate the Illuminati’s presence. In addition, the all-seeing eye is a common motif, often hidden from the conscious mind. Hip-hop, rap, pop, and heavy metal artists frequently use such symbolism in their music videos as well.

13. Government planes poison the atmosphere.

When normal planes fly, they leave what is called a condensation trail. These contrails dissipate within a few minutes. Ever since the 1990s, however, a different type of trail has been noticed coming from certain planes. These are known as chemical trails, or chemtrails. Unlike contrails, chemtrails take a long time to dissipate. They often expand into artificial clouds and stay in the sky for a large portion of the day. Chemtrails are associated with higher levels of aluminum and other heavy metals. Overexposure to heavy metals can cause metal toxicity, a problem characterized by a plethora of physical and mental conditions.

14. Psychoactive drugs are used to manipulate and to distort perception.

It is no coincidence that most alleged mass shooters are found under the influence of a psychoactive drug. Many people are deliberately drugged for the purpose of getting them to perform a task that they would not do if they were sober. Those under the influence of psychoactive drugs generally do not remember the details of being kidnapped, drugged, and commanded to kill. The alleged Aurora theater shooter, James Holmes, was calmly telling other prisoners details of the conspiracy against him. Shortly thereafter, he was given a higher dosage of drugs and began acting out of control again.

15. Most people do not believe in the Illuminati conspiracy when they are told about it.

This is true for several reasons. Not only is it difficult to understand how or why the conspirators do what they do, but some false conspiracy theories are also invented by the Illuminati in order to discredit true theories. While most people doubt that the Illuminati conspiracy is real, current events are beginning to show that the world is not as it seems. It is expected that more people will begin to believe aspects of the conspiracy theory as events continue to unfold.