16 Intriguing Facts about Goblet Cells

1. The function of the goblet cell is to secrete gel forming mucins, which are the major component of mucus. 2. The goblet cell secretes mucus in two different ways: through basal secretion and stimulated secretion. Basal secretion is the normal level of secretion of mucus, which is accomplished by cytoskeletal movement of secretory granules. […]

Top 10: Secret Societies in the World

Throughout history, there have been dozens of elite groups that few are aware of. No matter the purpose, there‚Äôs always something inherently sinister about secret societies. Though most are formed with political or religious goals in mind, some have other purposes in mind. 10. The Knights Templar Early in the 12th century, the Knights Templar […]

Top 17 of the Greatest Inventors in History

Our world would be nothing like the way it is today without the help of some of the greatest men and women in history, such as Alexander Graham Bell and Mary Anderson. These inventors shaped the world with their innovations and took the world one step forward. 1. Johannes Gutenberg (1395 – 1468) Without the […]

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