20 of the Most Talked About Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event or phenomenon that posits the existence of a secret, often sinister, group or organization working behind the scenes to achieve a specific goal. These theories often involve allegations of government cover-ups, secret societies, and other nefarious actors working to manipulate events for their own gain. They are often not supported by credible evidence and are considered to be outside of mainstream scientific or historical understanding. While some conspiracy theories can be harmless, others can be dangerous, as they can fuel mistrust in institutions, spread misinformation, and even lead to violence.

  1. The moon landing was faked:

    Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Apollo moon landing in 1969 was a hoax, and that NASA staged the event on a soundstage. They cite inconsistencies in the footage and shadows as evidence, but these claims have been debunked by experts and multiple independent investigations.

  2. 9/11 was an inside job:

    Some people believe that the September 11 terrorist attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government as a pretext for invading Iraq and Afghanistan. They point to inconsistencies in the official story, but the overwhelming majority of evidence and testimony from experts confirms the official account of the events.

  3. The New World Order:

    This theory states that a secret group of global elites is working to create a single world government and control the population through various means, including mind control and mass surveillance. There is no evidence to support this claim.

  4. The Illuminati:

    Some believe that a secret society called the Illuminati, which was founded in the 18th century, still exists and controls world events. The group was disbanded centuries ago, and there is no credible evidence that it still exists today.

  5. Chemtrails:

    Some believe that the white trails left behind by airplanes are not just condensation, but instead a government conspiracy to control the population through chemicals sprayed in the air. Scientists have explained that the trails are simply the normal condensation of water vapor in the jet exhaust.

  6. The flat earth:

    This conspiracy theory states that the earth is not a globe, but instead a flat disc. This theory is easily disproved by scientific evidence, including satellite imagery and the fact that ships disappear over the horizon, which would not happen on a flat surface.

  7. Reptilian aliens:

    Some conspiracy theorists believe that a race of reptilian aliens, known as the Annunaki, is secretly controlling the world. There is no evidence to support this claim.

  8. The Denver Airport:

    Some believe that the Denver International Airport has a sinister purpose, with conspiracy theories ranging from it being a secret military base to being a hub for the New World Order. These claims have been debunked by airport officials and experts.

  9. HAARP:

    Some believe that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), a research project based in Alaska, is capable of mind control and weather manipulation. Scientists have explained that the project’s purpose is to study the upper atmosphere and ionosphere, not to control the population.

  10. QAnon:

    This theory emerged in 2017 and holds that a secretive group of high-level government officials, celebrities, and business leaders is working to overthrow a “deep state” of corrupt politicians. There is no evidence to support this theory and it has been widely debunked by experts and fact checkers.

  11. The Kennedy assassination:

    There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, including that there was more than one shooter and that the CIA was involved. Despite numerous investigations and reports, the majority of evidence supports the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination.

  12. The Roswell incident:

    In 1947, a flying saucer reportedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Conspiracy theorists claim that the government covered up the crash and recovered an alien spacecraft, but the government maintains that it was a weather balloon that crashed.

  13. The Bilderberg Group:

    Some believe that the Bilderberg Group, an annual invitation-only conference of around 130-140 of the world’s most powerful people, is a secretive cabal that controls world events. However, the group has stated that it is simply a forum for informal discussions.

  14. The Philadelphia Experiment:

    In 1943, it was alleged that the US Navy was able to make a destroyer escort disappear and reappear in a different location using advanced technology. The story is most likely a hoax and the US Navy has denied the experiment ever took place.

  15. Paul McCartney is dead:

    Some conspiracy theorists believe that Paul McCartney of The Beatles died in a car accident in 1966, and that the band replaced him with a lookalike. McCartney himself has dismissed the theory.

  16. The Bloodline of Jesus:

    Some believe that a secret society known as the Priory of Sion has protected a bloodline descending from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene for centuries. This theory is based on a hoax perpetrated by Pierre Plantard in the 1960s.

  17. The Mothman Prophecies:

    In the 1960s, a winged creature known as the Mothman was reportedly sighted in West Virginia. Some believe that the creature was a harbinger of disaster, and that it predicted the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims.

  18. The Montauk Project:

    Some believe that the US government conducted secret experiments in mind control and time travel at the Montauk Air Force Station in Long Island, New York in the 1970s and 1980s. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims.

  19. The Black Knight Satellite:

    Some conspiracy theorists believe that a mysterious object in orbit, known as the Black Knight Satellite, is an extraterrestrial spacecraft that has been observing Earth for thousands of years. However, the object has been identified as debris from a rocket launch.

  20. The Vatican’s secret archives:

    Some believe that the Vatican’s secret archives contain evidence of ancient conspiracies and hidden knowledge, but the archives are simply the Pope’s administrative and diplomatic documents.

It’s important to note that conspiracy theories can be dangerous and have real-world consequences. They often rely on misinformation, misinterpretation of data, and outright falsehoods. It’s always better to rely on factual information, and consult with experts in the field.