Top 10: Lies Women Tell Men

Ah, women. That wonderful and so ever mysterious creature! We have more layers than an onion. And men, poor, poor men. What is left for them to do, if not trying to figure us out all on their own, without crying their eyes out, every time they peel a new layer. We do apologize.

It is not our intention to continuously confuse men. The majority of us, more often that not, strives to be honest, truthful, and forthright, however we do not always tell the truth.

Guys, this is the truth – sometimes we lie. Most of the time, though, these are little white lies, half-truths told to keep the peace. Other times, our lies are a little bigger — say, for example, when the subject is sex.

Well, the “Daily Mail” conducted a study that included the opinion of 1,362 women aged between the ages of 18 and 30, listing which are the most used and common, “sweet little” lies that women tell.

Read on and take your notes. Be prepared for the next time you have the feeling she is not being completely honest with you. However, I don’t want to scare you guys, but this is just a small sample, of our white lies! 🙂

1. Number of previous partners – 52%

The most used and common lie told by women is in regards to the number of past sexual partners they have had. More than half of the women who were interviewed in this study confessed that they had lied about their previous conquests.

2. Why they broke up with the ex – 38%

The most common killer of relationships that have barely begun, is the need that many have to know about their partner’s past relationships: Who was it? Why was the relationship over? Did he left you, or you left him?

To avoid embarrassment and protect the pride of both parts of the couple, many women lie or omit information about previous relationships, especially when they were the ones being left.

3. Price of clothes that they bought – 33%

Some, because they don’t want to be seen as wasteful, others because they like to flaunt an expensive exquisite wardrobe, many women lie about the money they spend on clothes. The majority of the times, they are not on sale!!

4. About career – 28%

Women image is becoming more and more dependent on their professional achievement.

To pass the image of a successful woman, many lie about their careers, namely about the hierarchical position occupied in the companies, about the area of specialization and especially about their wages.

5. Financial situation – 25%

No need to explain that the prestige of any person is inevitably associated with financial situation.

Pretend to have more money, to simulate a condition of success, oddly enough helps a lot in the game Solution.

6. Age – 18%

As the formula of elixir of eternal youth it is still not known, it is necessary to find a solution to look youthful for longer.

18% of women lie about their age. So little? Sure!

Women lie about their age for thousands of years and will continue lying for billions more.

7. Treason – 16%

The pleasure of taking advantage how to get out without paying the bill, causing sorrow without being blamed for it is just a kind of moral cowardice, which usually ends in depression.

8. Weight – 12%

Another very sensitive issue among women is weight.

12% of them hide what the balance insists on display.

9. Breast size – 9%

Distortion of body image culminate in endless plastic surgeries, to which the majority of the women don’t admit to.

10. Natural hair color – 5%

A very delicate issue for some women.

Women, if you only want to have a harmless flirt and nothing more serious than that, then there is no problem in saying that you are “naturally blonde”.

But it is not the case, if things get closer, for at least, 5% of the female gender. Somehow have the need to lie about their true hair color.

As we have seen, women can lie from silly things like age, weight, which is directly linked to self-esteem – the Achilles heel of women. Guys, have that in mind, and give them a discount.