19 Facts about the Space

1. Brown Dwarfs Brown dwarfs are sometimes referred to as “failed” stars. They are too low in mass to fuse atoms at their cores, and thus don’t burn with the fires, that keep stars like our sun shining steadily for billions of years. Instead, these objects cool and fade with time, until what little light […]

20 Facts About the Light

1. Speed The speed of light in vacuum is around 300,000 kilometres per second (186,000 miles per second). 2. Variable Speed The speed of light is less than in vacuum when traveling through different transparent substances containing ordinary matter. For example the speed of light in water is about 3/4 of that in vacuum. 3. […]

26 Facts About the Moon

1. Satellite The Moon is not a planet, it is the natural satellite of the Earth. 2. Surface The surface area of the Moon is 37,932,000 square km (14,658,000 square miles) or 9.4 billion acres. 3. Radius The radius of the Moon is 1,738 kilometers (1,080 miles). 4. Diameter The diameter of the Moon is […]

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