12 Secrets to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most frequently visited sites in the world. As a video sharing site, users can post and comment on other videos. Music artists use YouTube to share their music videos and gain more listeners. Some music artists, like Justin Bieber, were discovered on YouTube and are now international music stars. Others use YouTube as a tutorial site, and many women have become famous by posting beauty tutorials.

While YouTube is a great place to post and watch videos, you can also make money on YouTube of the videos you post. If you’re short on money and also short on time, posting videos on YouTube can help add up money.

Start off by posting videos about things people want to see. Beauty tutorials and lyric videos are popular on the site, as well as other things that pertain to things in today’s society. For example, Michelle Phan runs a beauty tutorial YouTube channel and has millions of hits on her videos every day. She became popular by maintaining a consistent posting schedule and keeping her videos fun and exciting to maintain an audience.

Do-It-Yourself videos are common, as well daily video-blogs that capture the attentions of viewers. Some users choose to create a web series, which can be anything from a cartoon series to a live action series. Others choose to sell their own products through YouTube. Fitness teacher Cassey Ho earns a six-figure income through her exercise videos, and she also links viewers to her website, where she sells t-shirts, water bottles, and other fitness equipment.

When making a video, make sure that you are making something people would actually search for and want to see, and be sure that the content of your videos won’t offend anyone. If a few people find your video offensive and leave comments about it, you could lose potential subscribers. Also, when posting your videos, make sure that you aren’t using copyrighted material in your videos. This includes images, logos, audio clips, and video clips. Copyright infringement will get you on the bad side of YouTube, which is not something you want if you’re aiming to make money from your videos.

When posting videos, be sure to maintain a consistent schedule and upload videos often. Updating your channel once a month will not keep subscribers coming back. Come up with a posting schedule and stick to it. Sooner or later, your subscribers will catch on and it will be easier for them to incorporate watching your videos into their daily lives.

Keep your audience and attract new viewers by accurately tagging your videos, providing a catchy title, and writing an exciting description. Your title should be short, sweet, and to the point. Titles that are long and elaborate will catch a viewer’s attention, but if it’s too long, no one will want to read it. Titles like “Sneezing Panda” and “David After Dentist” are titles of very successful videos. A description is the same way. If your description is too long, people won’t want to read it. Keep it short and explanatory.

In terms of presentation, chipping in for a high-quality camera wouldn’t hurt. Viewers prefer watching videos that are in the highest quality possible and if your videos are in 240p or 480p, it’s safe to say that many subscribers won’t come back.

Keeping your channel looking neat and exciting is another way to attract potential subscribers and keep the ones you already have. Sort your videos by simple tags and make your channel look physically appealing and professional. If you want to go the extra mile, create a professional introduction that can be placed at the beginning of each video.

Commenting on other videos is a great way to spread word of your own videos. This increases community and interaction between you and other users. Adding a link to your video in the comments doesn’t hurt and a few curious viewers will most likely click on your link. But beware – adding your video link in the comments section of every video you click on will quickly give you a bad reputation and viewers will learn to avoid your channel.

While interaction through the comments section is important, it’s also key to interact with your subscribers, no matter how many you have. Interact with your viewers by asking them questions and letting them post their answers in the comments. This will open you up to viewers and depict you as someone who cares about his or her subscribers.

Making a website specifically for your videos is another way to interact with your subscribers. This also gives viewers another outlet to view your videos and get to know more about you. Additionally, a website has many more features than a YouTube channel does, and you can use that to your advantage.

Once your videos start to pick up a little, becoming a partner to YouTube or another site will increase your profits. You will get a little bit more per ad, which adds up after a while. Specifically, YouTube partners can win prizes for the number of viewers they have and also get much more community support and customer support from the site.

Market your videos elsewhere. Yes, you can still upload them onto YouTube, but embedding the links onto other websites will help your videos noticed by more people. Share your links on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, or on your own website. In particular, Facebook lets users share posts with everyone they are friends with. If you post the link to your video and someone shares it, hundreds of people will see it and a handful are bound to watch it. With each site you embed your links on, your chance at getting more viewers is increased.

YouTube has been the base for many celebrities and millionaires. With the right idea, you can market your video and earn thousands, just from the number of views it receives. With that being said, break out your camera and start filming!