10 of the Greatest Conspiracies in History

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza, located in Egypt, stands a towering 480 feet tall and was the resting place of the ancient Pharaoh Khufu. There are three main rooms in the pyramid; the Kings Chamber, the Queens Chamber, and the Grand Gallery. In 1993 however, the great pyramid was closed off to the public, and rumors started to fly about the finding of evidence of a new civilization. The given reason for the closing was for cleaning and restoration purposes. In 1993, a live telecast of the opening of the Queens Chamber was supposed to make an attempt to show that the researchers were not hiding anything. However, upon making their way past the first door, they found a second door with handles, and for some reason the filming was cut short. This left everyone to wonder, “what is behind the second door?”


2. Jack the Ripper

In 1888, the world got its first taste of the world renowned serial killer. No-one knew who the killer was, but the victims were all prostitutes, all except for the last victim. Mary Jane Kelly was the last victim of the serial killer, and she was not a prostitute which set her apart. The theory behind this being the last killing, was she was the original target to begin with, but who was the killer? According to the theory, Mary Jane Kelly was going to tell Prince Albert about an unborn child that she was carrying. The Prince had a reputation for being with loose ladies and had a run in before. For the night in question however, the prince had a firm alibi. It was suggested that the royal surgeon then did the dirty work to cover the heirs tracks. 


3. Roswell New Mexico

In 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, a craft crashed to the Earth and was recovered by the military at a nearby base. Many thought they had seen a UFO, and the military’s response was that of a top secret, high altitude weather balloon. Upon the first report was that the military had recovered a flying disk. Later however that was denied. The popular belief is that, even now the remains of the craft is there at the army base and the occupants of the craft were captured. After a few years the idea of UFO’s had faded from memory just to be rekindled later. In the 1970’s an interview was done with one of the personnel that was present at the crash site. Here it was said that he believed that the government had covered up what really happened there on that night in 1947. This led to a new uproar that even the United States Congress called for an inquest.

4. Meteor explosion in Siberia

In Tunguska Russia, in 1908, there was a violent explosion in the sky. The source of the explosion is debated to this very day. The popular belief was that there was a large meteor that had started to break up in Earth’s atmosphere, until it finally was at a critical point and then exploded with all of its fury. This caused destruction across eight hundred square miles of forest. Another theory is that this was the testing of Tesla’s death ray. Tesla having run out of funding fired off his ray to prove that his theory of a defensive shielding could be viable means for defense. The tower produced over 100 billion watts of power that was discharged, which is the equivalent of a 10 megaton bomb.


5. Knights Templar

These knights where charged with protecting Christian pilgrims on the road to the holy land in Jerusalem. The knights had held the temple mount for many years and it was said that they were in search for relics located within the temple. For whatever reason, the knights had gone to the Catholic church and had gained a lot of power thru the church. The knights are labeled to be the first comers of the banking system. Along with money and power, came the jealousy of the catholic church. With the help of the French King, a secret plan was to be carried out. The plan was executed on Friday the thirteenth, and on this day, all across Europe, the Templars were captured and forced to sign confessions to being heretics. Their lands were confiscated and property taken. Although the leader was captured and burned at the stake, some escaped north to England, where they established other churches dedicated to the brotherhood. The Templar Knights are also suspected of being tied to the free masons.

6. John F Kennedy assassination

In November of 1963, John F Kennedy was shot in Dallas Texas. The shot came from the Texas School Book Depository along the route the motorcade was to travel. After the president was shot, he was rushed to the Dallas hospital where he was pronounced dead. There was two autopsies done; the first in Dallas and the second in Washington DC. Both autopsies did not match. The Dallas autopsy showed that there should have been multiple shooters or a “Magic” bullet that had been able to enter and exit the president head several times. This lent to the grassy null theory of which, another shooter had to be coordinated with Oswald shooting at the same time. The second autopsy pictures did not come into such light until 1997, when an inquiry was held after the public release of information. The Naval Photographer was asked about the pictures that were released with the file. The photographer, Sandra K. Spencer testified that the pictures in the file were not the same pictures she saw in 1963.

7. The Lunar Landing Hoax

The images of Neil Armstrong stepping on the surface of the moon for the first time in mans history was a great day for human achievement, or was it? Modern day conspiracy theorists say that this was a staged hoax that was done on a set in Hollywood. These theorists point to the fact that the lighting in the mission pictures show that shadows of the lunar module and the astronauts are not accurate. This thinking is based on that Russia and the United States was in a space race and not to be outdone the hoax was set up to show that the United States was superior in this era.


8. HAARP affecting weather

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program was started to help communications by controlling the conditions in the upper ionosphere. The idea is to better control the ionosphere to simulate near perfect conditions for radio wave propagation. However, modern day opponents to the array say that the HAARP system is being used to control weather around the world. They believe that this system can control weather to a level of creating super storm like phenomenon. HAARP is a military controlled project which only adds fuel to this conspiracy fire.

9. Genetically Modified Crops

Crops of organic wheat and other vegetables have been popping up with a variant that shows signs of the genetically modified plants. The term GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) indicates that scientists have manipulated the plants genome. As of 2013 no GM wheat has been commercially grown. Since the new product is manufactured, it is considered intellectual property. Popular theory is that the corporations are taking their test fields and knowingly planting to where the air currents and other ways of seed propagation will spread them to other fields. After fields of adjacent farms show signs of this genetically modified strains, the corporation wanted to take action for these farmers that now have their intellectual property. This is all a plan to drive out the small farmer and monopolize the food industry as we know it.


10. Death of Princess Diana

Hundreds of people are killed every year at the hands of a drunk driver. On August 31, 1997, it was reported that the chauffeur of the divorced princess and her new boyfriend was under the influence of alcohol when entering the tunnel in France where the accident occurred. Popular theory was that the royal family was upset with the separation of the Charles from Diana, and the order was given to end the life of the Princess. The story does not end there; a paparazzi reporter had followed the couple into the tube and supposedly saw what really happened. The reporter was found weeks later in his car burned after taking a gun shot wound to the head in may 2000. To this day no-one knows what really happened in that tunnel that night.