Top 20: Shocking Coincidences

Over the years, there have been many amazing coincidences that defy all rational explanation. These coincidences continue to fascinate people around the world. Here are the most shocking coincidences that have been verified:

1. James Dean’s car curse

Legendary actor James Dean was killed in a tragic car accident in September 1955. The following events took place after his death, all involving the Porsche that he was driving:

a. The car was towed from the scene of the James Dean accident and brought to a garage. While the car was still hoisted in the air, the engine fell out of the car and landed on a mechanic’s legs, breaking both of them.
b. The engine was later purchased by a physician, who had it installed in his racing car. Soon after he did this, he was killed in a race.
c. In the same race, a different driver was also killed who was driving a car that had the driveshaft of James Dean’s Porsche installed in it.
d. After the Porsche was repaired, the garage it was being stored in burned to the ground.
e. The Porsche was later displayed in Sacremento, where it fell off the mount it was on and broke the hip of a teenager.
f. The trailer that was being used to transport the Porsche in Oregon slipped off its towbar and crashed through the front of a store.
g. In 1959, the car was resting on steel supports, when it broke into 11 pieces without being touched by anything.

2. A man saves the same falling baby twice

During the 1930s, a baby in Detroit fell from a high window onto a man named Joe Figlock. Both the baby and Figlock were unharmed. The following year, Figlock was passing under the same window, and the same baby fell from the same window again. Just like the first time, both were unharmed.

3. A bullet takes years to find its mark

In 1883, a man named Henry Ziegland ended his relationship with his girlfriend. She killed herself as a result. The brother of the girlfriend shot Ziegland out of anger over what happened to his sister. Thinking that Ziegland was dead, the brother then killed himself. However, Ziegland was not dead. The bullet scratched his face, eventually getting lodged in a tree. In 1913, Ziegland decided to remove the tree. Since the tree was too big for him to cut down by himself, he used several sticks of dynamite. The resulting explosion caused the bullet to be propelled into the head of Ziegland, killing him instantly.

4. Twin boys, twin lives

Two boys were born in Ohio. Different families adopted them after they were separated at birth. Both families decided to name each boy James. As they grew older, both boys decided to become police officers. Both showed a high aptitude in carpentry and mechanical drawing. Both married women that were named Linda. Both eventually had sons, one named James Allan, the other named James Alan. Both men divorced their wives and remarried women named Betty. Both owned a dog named Toy. They were reunited 40 years after they were separated.

5. Twin brothers meeting the same fate

In 2002, two twin brothers living in Finland were killed the same way, on the same road, only two hours apart. The first brother was killed when he was struck by a truck while he was riding his bike in the city of Raahe, Finland, 600 km north of Helsinki. He was crossing a road called Highway 8 when he was killed. The second brother was also struck and killed by a truck while crossing Highway 8 on his bike, only 1.5 km away from where his brother was killed two hours earlier. There is no way that the second brother could have known about his brother’s fate. The coroner was still trying to identify the first brother’s body at the time of the second brother’s death.

6. Edgar Allan Poe predicts the future

In 1884, a British yacht named the Mignonette, was lost at sea during a storm. Four survivors managed to get into a lifeboat. The three senior officers decided to kill and eat the cabin boy, named Richard Parker. The three men were later rescued almost one month later. The incident became the basis for a famous British criminal trial. In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe, the legendary American horror writer, wrote a story called The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. The story is about four people who are involved in a shipwreck. They are then stranded in a lifeboat. The three men decide to kill and eat their cabin boy. Shockingly, the cabin boy’s name was Richard Parker. Poe predicted the incident down to the cabin boy’s exact name, 46 years before it happened.

7. Poker winnings to the unlikeliest of people

In 1858, a man named Robert Fallon was killed during a poker game in which he was suspected of cheating. Fallon had won $600 at the time he was killed. The other players did not want to take the $600, feeling that it was unlucky. A new player sat down to take Fallon’s place and his $600. When the cops eventually showed up to look into the murder, they wanted the $600 to give to Fallon’s family. The new player had already built his stack up to $2,200. As it turns out, the new player was Fallon’s son. The two had not seen each other in seven years.

8. Life imitates art

When the famous author Norman Mailer started to write his novel called Barbary Shore, he did not intend any character in the book to be a Russian spy. As the novel progressed, he added a Russian spy in the United States as a minor character. Eventually, he made the spy the most important character in the story. After he finished the novel, a man was arrested by the U.S. Immigration Service who was living in the same apartment building as Mailer, one floor above him. The man turned out to be Colonel Rudolf Abel. He was thought to be the most important Russian spy in America at that time.

9. Halley’s Comet and Mark Twain

The iconic American author Mark Twain was born the same day that Halley’s Comet appeared in 1835. In 1909, Twain said that he came in with Halley’s Comet, and he expected to go out with it. It turned out that Twain’s prediction was amazingly accurate. He died of a heart attack in 1910, only one day after the comet’s closest approach to Earth.

10. Killed the same way accidentally

A man was killed by being struck by a taxi while he was riding on a moped in Bermuda in 1975. The following year, another man was struck and killed by the same taxi, being driven by the same driver. It turns out that the two dead men were brothers. They were both riding the same moped when they died.

11. Strangers with similar names

In the 1920s, there were three British men who were on a train traveling in Peru. The men were complete strangers. When they introduced themselves to each other, they were shocked to discover that one was named Powell, one was named Bingham and one was named Bingham-Powell. They were not related to each other in any way.

12. Similar hotel room occupants

In the 1950s, a man named George D. Bryson stopped at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. He was given room 307. He later asked if there were any letters for him. The hotel employee said that there was a letter addressed to a George D. Bryson in room 307. However, the letter was not for him. It was for the person who occupied room 307 just before him, also named George D. Bryson.

13. Surprise in a bookstore

During the 1920s, American writer Anne Parish was shopping in a Paris bookstore. She saw a book titled “Jack Frost and Other Stories”, which was one of her favorites when she was a child. She showed the book to her husband. He opened the book and noticed the following inscription in the inside flyleaf: “Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs.” It was the exact book that Anne had owned as a child.

14. A bad day for King Louis XVI

When France’s King Louis XVI was a boy, an astrologer told him that the 21st day of each month would be dangerous for him, so he should always be careful on those days. This caused Louis to avoid doing any business on the 21st. However, during the French Revolution, on June 21, 1791, both Louis and the queen were arrested as they tried to leave France. France later abolished the institution of Royalty on September 21, 1791. Louis was finally executed by guillotine on January 21, 1793.

15. The Titanic disaster was predicted, and another ship that almost had the same fate

In 1898, a novel named “Futility” was written by Morgan Robertson. It tells the story of a transatlantic luxury liner that is making its maiden voyage. It is called the Titan. The ship was thought to be unsinkable. However, it collides with an iceberg, resulting in many deaths. As everyone knows, the Titanic met the exact same fate on its maiden voyage in 1912. The book portrayed the wreck of the Titan to occur in April, the same month that the Titanic sank.

Several months after the Titanic sank, a steamer was in the Atlantic during a thick fog. A young boy was on watch. He began to think that they were in the same area where the Titanic hit the iceberg. He became scared after thinking of the name of his ship – the Titanian. He then sounded the alarm. The ship came to a full stop. As the fog cleared, a large iceberg was revealed to be directly in front of them. The Titanian had been saved.

16. Twin heart attacks

On May 22, 1975, twin brothers named Arthur and John Mowforth, who lived 80 miles apart in England, both started suffering from chest pains. Both families were not aware of the other brother’s situation. Both brothers were taken to different hospitals at the same time. Both died of a heart attack soon after they arrived.

17. Rejected manuscript

An author was upset to find the pages of his recently finished manuscript scattered all over his lawn. He had just submitted the manuscript to his publisher. He contacted the publisher to find out why his manuscript had been so rudely disposed of. As it turns out, the publisher’s car had been broken into while she was at dinner. The thieves kept the valuable items, but tossed away the manuscript over a fence. It landed in the author’s front yard.

18. Bruce Lee’s last movie predicts his son’s death

Game of Death was the final Bruce Lee movie, released five years after his death in 1973. In the movie, Lee’s character is killed when he is shot after a prop gun is replaced by a real gun. In 1993, Lee’s son Brandon was filming The Crow. An actor fires a gun at him containing a blank cartridge. However, unbeknownst to anyone on the set, there was a real bullet in the gun that struck and killed him. The similarities between the way Bruce’s character and his son died are striking.

19. Movie predicts the paralysis of Christopher Reeve

In 1995, an HBO movie called Above Suspicion was released, in which Christopher Reeve plays a police officer who is shot in the spine and paralyzed from the waist down. The movie was released on May 25, only two days before Reeve was injured riding a horse, causing him to be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

20. Movie nearly predicts date of star’s death 

In 1982, the film Poltergeist terrified audiences around the world. In the film, a poster for the 1988 Super Bowl can be seen hanging on a wall. Six years later, on the day of the 1988 Super Bowl, Heather O’Rourke, the little blond girl in the movie, became violently ill. She died the next day. She was also living in San Diego, the same city where the game was played.