Top 11: High-Paying Jobs in USA that will Earn You a Six-Figure Income

Everyone has an idea of what they want their future to look like: a great house, great friends, and a well-paying job. Hundreds of people spend years in school to prepare for the job they want and often times, the job they are preparing for isn’t the job they want. It’s the job that will earn them the most money. Since money is such a flexible thing in the United States, it wouldn’t hurt to have a high-paying job.

This are the high-paying jobs in USA.

1. Software Engineers

Software engineers, along with other computer-related jobs, also pay well. These kinds of jobs focus on the structure, design, and maintenance of computers and other aspects of technology. These kinds of jobs require intense knowledge of technology and an in-depth understanding of mathematics. These are the kinds of people who design and plan the inner workings of the newest cell phones, televisions, and computers.

2. Optometrists

Optometrists are physicians who observe and know the inner workings of the human eye. They often give basic checkups to patients and recommend glasses or contacts if needed. The average optometrist brings in a little over $100,000 each year and can be a promising occupation to consider.

3. Pharmacists

Pharmacists are the men and women behind the counter who take your doctor’s prescription and fill it with the correct medicine. They undergo years of schooling in order to work with medicine as simple as cough syrup to more complex substances. The average pharmacist brings in nearly $115,000 annually and can have a flexible schedule, depending on the area of work.

4. Airline pilots and copilots

Airline pilots and copilots soar into a higher paycheck with their navigational skills, social skills, and years of air training. Airline pilots must complete rigorous training in order to fly commercially, and they must know what to do in tricky situations. Instead of transporting people, other kinds of pilots transport large cargo planes from area to area, sometimes from country to country, and require the same basic training that commercial airline pilots do. An occupation in this field of work ensures a large paycheck.

5. Mechanical, Chemical, and Aerospace Engineers

Mechanical, chemical, and aerospace engineers are other high paying jobs, but require several years of schooling and focus on mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Mechanical engineers design systems and equipment that react with motion, and chemical engineers design systems and products that react specifically with chemicals. Aerospace engineers work with planes and other aviation products, like helicopters. These professions all earn a good amount of income per year and that alone is enough to consider getting into engineering.

6. Lawyers

Lawyers defend clients in the courtroom on a daily basis and also earn thousands each year. While suits and briefcases are a big part of the lawyer image, so is law school. In order to earn that large income, students must go through law school and pass the bar examination. While law school is pretty pricey, the income that comes with being a lawyer definitely pays off.

7. Dental Occupations

Dental occupations also rake in quite a bit of money each year. Oral surgeons and orthodontists, people who focus on properly aligning teeth, are paid pretty well for their services. Regular dentists, people who mainly check on the status of teeth, earns tens of thousands each year. Even dental hygienists, people who shadow dentists and oral surgeons, receive a good income. But while the annual salary is high, so is the cost for dental school. Dental school has a huge price tag and requires focus and hard work, but the end results are satisfactory.

8. Psychiatrists

In terms of mental health, psychiatrists also have a steady income. Their income might be less than that of an oral surgeon or a doctor, but it is still higher than many of the other jobs that exist in our economy. Psychiatrists mainly focus on the mental and emotional health of patients. They also identify the symptoms of certain mental disorders and match them to the symptoms their patients express. They work to provide ease to their patients through therapy, medicine, or other means.

9. Gynecologists

Other medical professionals include gynecologists, who specialize in the anatomy and health of the female reproductive system. These professionals examine females to ensure optimal health of all the female organs, including the breasts and reproductive system. Many gynecologists have a steady income with somewhat flexible hours, proving as a prosperous job for those who aren’t squeamish.

10. Surgeons and Dermatologists

Some of the best jobs out there are medical positions. Occupations like surgeons and dermatologists earn nearly $200,000 a year, but while these two positions rake in quite a bit of money, they also require years of schooling and hard work. Surgeons and dermatologists, as well as other medical occupations, require that you go to medical school and focus quite a bit on anatomy and mathematics, as well as social skills and teamwork. While there is a lot of work to be put into these kinds of professions, the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

11. Anesthesiologist

One of the highest paying jobs in the country is the anesthesiologist. People who work in this field administer anesthetics to patients before, during, or after surgery to ease the pain. To work in this profession, a steady hand and an intense knowledge of the human body is needed. Many of the top medical institutions who need anesthesiologists require that applicants have more than five years of experience, on top of the many years of medical school. The typical anesthesiologist brings in around $330,000 a year, sometimes more, depending on the situation. Even though great effort needs to be put forth in order to become an anesthesiologist, the income definitely makes up for it.

In this country, a well-paying job will give you an edge and keep you out of debt. Considering how flaky the economic system can be, it would be wise to invest in one of the jobs explained above or another well-paying job. It wouldn’t hurt to have extra money, which could be put toward hobbies or other notable causes.

Either way, whatever occupation you choose to pursue, prepare for it by taking the right classes in high school and college.