Top 10: Workout Sports

Most of us are looking for ways to get in shape and eventually we may find ourselves bored with our workout routine. However, there are great ways to enjoy working out and still lose weight and get in shape quickly. One of the best ways to accomplish this feat is through sports. With the many popular sports that are played daily, it is not difficult to find one that can accomplish all the things that a great workout can: raise your heart rate, tone your muscles and work your muscles.

Although any amount of sports workout is great, there are some workout sports that work out the body better than others. If you are looking for a way to get in shape and work out your body quickly and efficiently, you need to choose a sport that offers the results that you are looking for. Below are the top 10 workout sports that will do just that and more.

1. Rowing

Rowing has long been a favorite sport amongst Olympians. This sport takes brute upper body strength and complete body control. One of the best things about this sport is that you can either perform it as part of a team or by yourself.

2. Wrestling

This is a great sport for building muscles and getting in shape. Not only do wrestlers work their muscles regularly, but they are forced to adhere to a specific diet as well. Wrestling is a great way to burn calories quickly and efficiently.

3. Surfing

Although this sport requires that you live by the ocean, it is a fantastic way to build the muscles of the body. Agility and balance are extremely important and the core that surfers develop is phenomenal.

4. Swimming

Swimming will create for you a powerful body that is highly defined. It is also a simple sport to begin pursuing as most people have access to a pool. It is a great way to burn calories and the resistance that the body meets with the water is a great way to build muscles.

5. Gymnastics

This sport produces gymnasts that are strong and agile. Although the muscles that are developed are not large, gymnasts build their muscles in a way that makes them move quickly and they possess a high amount of muscle strength.

6. Sprinting or Track and Field

Running and track and field have been a favorite past time of those desiring a good workout for many years. Not only are calories burned at an intensely high rate, but muscles are worked in a way that little weight is added to the body.

7. Ballet and Dance

Although some skeptics do not consider this to be a sport, ballet dancers are some of the most athletic people that you will find. When performing, every muscle in the body is activated and worked, making this one of the best workout sports available.

8. Tennis

This is an extremely active sport and requires quite a bit of stamina in order to be successful. Not only are the upper body muscles worked, you will also find that you burn calories and workout many other portions of your body as well.

9. Soccer

Soccer is a particularly physical sport and burns many calories while working most major muscles in the body. Although this is a highly difficult sport to master, it is also one of the best when it comes to burning calories and getting in shape.

10. Basketball

This is one of the most popular sports, both professionally and non-professionally. When playing the full court version, you can expect to burn nearly 700 calories and work out many of your muscle groups.

Using sports as a mechanism to get in shape quickly is one of the best ways to stay motivated and ensure your level of success. Many of the best sports are the ones that require you to participate as a team in order to complete the workout. This will keep you going and the teamwork that you will learn is extremely valuable.

Picking up a new sport can be fun and rewarding, which allows you to actually enjoy working out. This is a great way for those who do not enjoy exercise to get the exercise that their body needs without the feeling of dread that usually accompanies them to the gym. If you are looking for a new way to change up your boring workout, give some of the sports listed above a try. With the many people who have already discovered their value, you will be joining an ever growing field of sports lovers from all around the globe.