Top 10: Most Stressful Jobs

I am not daft enough to consider that the whole working class is completely in love with their jobs. For starters, not everybody is lucky enough to get the job they have dreamed about and that even studied for it but due to a number of reasons were not able to get it.

However, there are jobs that you will only be able to do if you really love them, due to the huge amounts if stress that characterizes them.

In this post, I will describe the jobs that were considered the 10 most stressful jobs in 2013.

Before start with the rank itself, I would like to express my admiration for the people that choose these careers and that give their best day in, day out. You really must love what you do when you work under such stressful conditions.

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

The dangers of serving as enlisted military personnel are well known at times of conflict, especially while on active duty deployment. But even in times of peace, military members take on many rigorous tasks, such as aiding in natural disaster relief. Another challenge military personnel face is transitioning into the civilian job force. Organizations around the nation work to help military personnel land jobs after their service, but it can often be proven a herculean task.

2. Military General

Generals command tactical strategy in combat, which directly impacts in both the success of military operations and in the safety of subordinates. With global tumult and the United States’ continued involvement in Afghanistan, the decisions generals make effect the lives of the soldiers who trust those most, which makes this job one of the most stressful jobs.

3. Firefighters

The U.S. Fire Administration reported 81 on-duty fatalities in 2011 and 77 in 2012, and 104 in 2013, making this one of the most dangerous career options. Firefighters typically work shifts up to 48 hours, which contributes to physical weariness and can weigh heavily on family life and emotional well-being – all decisive factors when ranking the most stressful jobs.

4. Commercial Airline Pilot

The fear of flying is a common fear, despite statistics telling us that air travel is an extremely safe way of travelling. However, the reason why commercial travel is safe is mainly due to the men and women captaining the airplanes. The possibility of danger is always very present, and it’s the assurance and the experience of a veteran pilot that makes flying safe. The responsibility is one factor that lands this career in the top of the most stressful jobs. Commercial airline pilots spend long stretches away from home while traveling around the continent – if not around the globe.

5. Public Relations Executive

Public relations executives are experts of damage control, thus need to be capable to think and act quickly under a lot of stress. The profession lives in the public eye, and it’s also one of the professions attracting the most college students, which makes landing and keeping a good job that much more difficult.

6. Senior Corporate Executive

Market unpredictability challenges businesses and the people who lead them in today’s harsh economic climate to always be at the top of their game. Corporate executives are the public faces of these companies, thus are beholden to investors, board members, employees and the public, which contributes to its inclusion in this top of the most stressful jobs.

7. Photojournalist

The images from natural disasters and war that bring their gravity into our homes come from intrepid photojournalists. These are dangerous situations, and the option to flee is only a last resort since enduring the worst to capture these dangerous moments is the photojournalists’ responsibility. A select few can command top dollar, but wages are typically low.

8. Newspaper Reporter

Newsrooms around the country are cutting back on staff and requiring reporters to work longer hours at lower pay, and be masters of new online technologies. These changes add to the stress of a job that already carries the responsibility of working under the strictest of deadlines as well as a high public profile.

9. Taxi driver

Low pay, potentially undesirable hours and danger make taxi driving a very stressful endeavor. Taxi drivers are among the most susceptible to robbery of any other profession, making this a particularly dangerous career option.

10. Police Officer

Being a cop can be one of the most dangerous professions in the working world. Breaking down doors not knowing what’s on the other side definitely raises blood pressure levels. On top of this, loss of life on the job is a real, on-going concern. Police officers are tasked with a community’s safety, but they must also uphold the standards to which the profession is held, which can also be a constant challenge.