Top 10: Flirting Tips

Do you know someone that doesn’t enjoy a good flirt? I sure don’t. However, I do know people that are too far gone into their own shell, that there is no chance in hell they will come out and cease the moment, when it comes to flirting.

I have to admit that this trait comes easily to some people rather than others. But do not despair, because it is so easy to learn and is like riding a bike – once you learn how to do it, you will never forget.

Some of you will be reading this intro and will be thinking “easy said than done”; and to those, I say it is not that difficult at all.

At the end of the day, flirting is nothing more than getting to know the person that you are interest in, right?

Do you consider yourself shy? Do you feel that you are socially awkward? Does your blood pressure rises to unbelievable levels when you are close to a girl or a boy that tickles your fancy?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this top was especially written for you. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to have the confidence to put in practice some of these tips. Please bear in mind that is normal to be nervous; just don’t let the other person see that.

1. Make a good first impression

Studies show that it takes only a few seconds to make a first impression. Ensure that you will make an unforgettable one. Do not try too hard. The secret is to find a balance.

2. Be confident

Confidence is one of the traits that attract the most. Even if you are a wreck on the inside, on the outside you must held your head high and show that you are the most confident person that the other party will ever meet.

3. Like yourself

If you won’t, who will, right?

4. Smile

People enjoy being around smiley people. Also, when you smile you are looking more approachable to others.

5. Eye contact

This is the tip that you need to pay attention. Eye contact is crucial to understand if someone is flirting with you. Keep your eyes wide open.

6. Touch

When used in the right manner, touch can be a very good flirting tool. It shows that your interest goes a little bit deeper than just friendship. Done the right way can cross all boarders.

7. Don’t make a judgment too quickly

Do not judge a book by its cover. Get to know the inside before you decide on the outside. Looks are important but they are way to overrated.

8. Everybody’s like to feel special

Worry less about yourself and focus more on the other person. That will show them that you have strong feelings towards them.

9. Don’t stop at a rejection

If you are rejected, that will not mean that is because of you. Do not make things personal and keep on flirting.

10. Flirting is fun

It really is and it is so much healthier than spending all of your free time clutching to your computer. Go out and flirt as much as you can.

See I told you that it was really easy. Make me proud! Go and get them!! ☺