Top 10: World’s Biggest General Music Festivals

Beer? Checked Girl / boyfriend? Checked Tent? Checked Friends? Checked Van? Checked It’s almost that time of year again… Festival season is almost among us. It’s a time where music, dancing, road trips, boho fashion, the first signs of Spring collide, making us feeling FREE! The biggest ones are in Europe, where many music fans […]

Top 10: Oldest Trees in the World

Trees are among the organisms that live a longer life on Earth. The list of the oldest trees in the world is not consensual, it varies according to the method of dating and databases used by each research team. After crossing information, we chose to enumerate the oldest living trees in accordance with the dating […]

Top 10: Greatest Naval Battles in History

It is easier to control the ground than the sea. Even the most powerful ones have never fully dominated it. After all, there is no point in controlling the sea if the ground loses: the French fleet would have been practically useless to De Gaulle, without crushing the Reich. And controlling the ground without having […]

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