Top 20: Most Unexpected Landscapes on the Planet

Our planet is really a huge box of surprises! Actually, it’s so full of wonders that new and surprising places are discovered every day, either for professional photographers or by mere amateurs. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and also seasons of the year offer the widest range of natural beauty: pink lakes, canyons, impressive mountains […]

Top 10: Of the Most Sustainable Cities

Dr. Karl Henrik Robèrt Sadly, humans are becoming an urban species and over half of the world’s population lives in cities, and taking in account the latest trends, that proportion will increase, up to three quarters by 2050. This uncontrolled growth brings a wide range of sustainability problems; thus this is the time to find […]

Top 20: Of the Most Beautiful Cathedrals in the World

Antoine de Saint-Exupery An offer to God created by the ego of men, churches cathedrals represent some of the most artistic and complex architecture created by man! Let’s appreciate the outstanding and awe-inspiring architecture of 20 most beautiful cathedrals in the world. This list was compounded respecting the common-sense that exists about this subject. 1. […]

Top 20: Most Amazing and Mind Blowing Mountains in World

Everywhere we travel in the world, we are able to find beautiful views, and on each trip, an emotion. However, there are spots and spots. Some places are unbelievably amazing. They offer us exciting challenges, adventures and breathtaking landscapes. One of nature greatest features and that fit perfectly in the aforementioned description, are the mountains. […]

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