Top 10: Drinking Games

Drinking games are a great way to socialize, laugh and generally have a good time. There are classic drinking games of skill or inquiry and also games tied to pop culture. The most important thing is to have fun, but set your rules ahead of time; there might be too much silliness later to make […]

Top 20: Shocking Coincidences

Over the years, there have been many amazing coincidences that defy all rational explanation. These coincidences continue to fascinate people around the world. Here are the most shocking coincidences that have been verified: 1. James Dean’s car curse Legendary actor James Dean was killed in a tragic car accident in September 1955. The following events […]

Top 10: Freemason Secrets

Freemasonry connotes generations of firm tradition, the Celtic cultures of Ireland and Scotland, and whispers of closed doors, secrecy and scandal. Many organizations use rituals to increase the allure of the group and to separate the novices from the initiates. However, the Freemasons seem to have particularly attracted the rabid fascination of today’s cultural scholars […]

Top 15: Things Happy People Do Differently

The secret to happiness is not an arcane scientific formula nor can it be found at the bottom of some bubbling elixir of joy. True happiness already exists within you; you need to find your own key to unlock it. If you want to create your own path to joy, adopt and emulate the habits […]

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