Top 10: Dogs for kids

When choosing a family dog is important to think about age, size, temperament and energy level. All of which should suit your family’s lifestyle. Next, the top 10 dogs that are specially suitable for kids. Please notice, that despite numbered there is no particular order to the list provided. 1. Newfoundland Photo Autor – Alicja […]

Top 15: I Love You Quotes

Sometimes saying only “I love you” just doesn’t quite do the trick. Then again, can words ever truly express how much you love someone? Well, maybe. We’ll let you decide. We’re simply here to provide the best candidates for those sweet, cute, romantic sayings and poems that might eventually find themselves in your love letter, […]

Top 16: Bug-Out Bag Essentials

When you find yourself in the midst of an emergency or catastrophic natural disaster, you want to make sure you’re not running around at the last second trying to remember things you need to pack when what you should be doing is grabbing a pre-packed bag and getting the heck out of dodge. This list […]

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