Top 50: Funny Short Jokes

Humor is really a good medium to remove boredom and to start a good conversation. Indeed, I can safely argue that humor is the quickest way to break the ice – all of us have come across situations where silence is so uncomfortable that we wish to have something funny to say to be able […]

30 of the Funniest Quotes

I love quotes! I think that people that come up with them are unbelievably amazing. And the most amazing thing is that every quote I came across with has a ring of universal truth to it – hands-up to their author’s creativity. Today, and because I am a strong believer that laughing is still the […]

Top 30: Blonde Jokes

The dumb blonde is a popular-culture derogatory stereotype usually applied to blonde-haired women. The archetypical “dumb blonde”, while viewed as attractive and popular, has been criticized as lacking in both common street-sense and academic intelligence. The dumb blonde stereotype is frequently used in the popular blonde jokes. Blonde jokes have been criticized as sexist, as most blondes in […]

Top 50: Cheesy Pickup Lines

You’re out for the evening, enjoying some food and drink with friends. Isn’t it wonderful to actually have some fun for once, you think to yourself as you look furtively at the other patrons. And then, seemingly from out of nowhere, comes the end of your good time. He is strutting toward you with that […]

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